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end of the week

training yesterday totally killed my lungs. AND legs to go along with it.
am glad that it didn’t feel as dismal as the previous fitness training we did where coach decided to ‘shock’ us with full on sprints.
came home after dinner and totally, TOTALLY KO-ed.
THANK GOD for the late meeting i had this morning. meant that i did not have to report to work at 9am. i probably wouldn’t have made it anyway.
Work has been mad this week.
Friday leaves me with 2 more meetings, 1 dumb presentation to attend and another errand to run.
the evening is looking to be exciting.
a good end to the week perhaps.

the diet has been going up and down the past few days.
But definitely have been cutting down on da carbs.
really need to back on track with food intake.
the season is nigh.

Preparation is KEY.

oh hail the untoasted oatmeal and raisins.


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