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2007 2008 new year shmizyear

and so it is now 2008.

didn’t realise it. sure as hell doesn’t feel like it. i feel as if i’ve stumbled into it more than anything else. like a violent roll down a gravel slope into a huge ditch after tripping over a little stone at the corner of the hill. the ground wasn’t too soft either. right now my hair is in a mess and i need a shower. perhaps i’m one of the few people who didn’t have the much needed rest to be rested enough to usher in the new year. aims, goals, whatever. i don’t think i am prepared for the new year. TWO overtly exasperating events happening the past 2 days sure as hell did not help soothe the fact that i am still very very VERY tired and that i do NOT want to go to work tomorrow.

or perhaps i should. perhaps work will take over my life this year. sure is looking that way. can’t wait for october to end.really. the end of a very long nightmare. or should i say,more positively, challenge.

2008 will be pretty much be 1) portfolio 2) work 3) rugby.

the ball game will take a back seat now. i’m prepared. i’ll have to force myself to go slow. but we all now how slow i can go. which is….not very slow anyway. *cough*. learnt some Rhino from a friend. ’twas a good start. i’m excited. borrowed the tablet from work. been fiddling around with it. can’t get my head / hands around it. will get there though.

tomorrow i will start running. perhaps afternoon lunch runs.
will need to READ VORACIOUSLY to spice up the command of English that i’ve lost ever since i started on design.
sketch more, doodle more, dream more. 

this year i aim to be less busy. i really want to be less busy. less busy more money.

that sounds nice.


ok if i want to sound less materialistic then


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