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life is a flippin joke

31st december 2007

offering to go buy some vadai* from the neighbourhood kopitiam*, i thought i’d park at the big carpark nearby.
so thinking that the whole operation wasn’t going to take more than a mere FIVE minutes, I didn’t tear out a parking coupon. i mean…by the time i tore the parking coupon i would have bought the vadai and returned to the car already.

so. anyway. i speedwalked to the kopitiam, only to find the vadai stall closed. mind you, the chef is NOT INDIAN but CHINESE with a EURASIAN wife. so never mind. i rush back to the car, and lo and behold! i get a $30 parking ticket.for not putting a carpark coupon. 30 dollars for NO vadai given to me by not one but TWO *(&#$*@&*(#@ indian men who have nothing to do on new years even but issue parking fines. i’m sure they wank off to their ticket issuing machines at night.

so yes. that was the stupidest thing that could happen to me on the last day of the new year at 6.36pm.
needless to say, i was racist for the rest of the night.

1 january 2008

Today was a slow day. woke up at 1pm with a very very bloated belly. by 7pm, the belly was back to its orginal size. THANK GOD.

I am fine and dandy up until 7.25pm when i get a call from an ex-colleague asking me to help her rush down to the kopitiam to help her collect CRABS. yes BLACK PEPPER CRABS. from the tmd kns diva kopitiam down the road that closes at 7.30pm. ex-colleague couldnt make it because she was running late. wtf.

so yes. i have to speedwalk to the bloody kopitiam to get them crabs.


i don’t know why such nonsense only seems to happen to me.

so now i’m left with a 30 dollar parking fine to pay, together with a box of crabs that i cannot touch.

i’m not expecting much for 2008. i’m not expecting it to be a very fantastic year so awesome that it’s will blow my mind.
I will have little expectations of it and do whatever i have set out to do. IF things go my way then it will surprise me more than it should if i actually am expecting it now.

oh. and happy 2008 everybody.


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