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i actually went to the gym

The past 2 days have been filled with meetings meetings and more meetings. another one tomorrow morning. 6pm came and went in the blink of an eye. soon i looked outside the window and it was dark. 2008 is proving to be a hectic one to say the least. if there is something to show for the rest of the year, i’m sure nationals are out of the question. the boss said that we will probably have to start sleeping in the office come April. i requested for sleep breaks during the day so that we can sleep less during the night to finish up work. wahahhahahaha. my boss said that she didn’t care as long as we got work done. hohoho.

40 minutes of cardio and i was spent. left gastrocnemius nearly cramped. win. really win.
did some core work and rehab for the knee. time to build up them quads and hammies again.
the shoulders and arms are not doing too well. first rugby training of the year on sunday.
i think i’m going to capital dee aii eee. D-I-E. DIE.

Chopin’s works rock. been listening to his stuff rather frequently these days. amazing. how i managed to play some of his works yonks ago still baffles me. his technicality has left me bewildered. i wish i had a piano again.

all right. read this on a friend’s blog today. “same shit, new attitude”. i like that. sounds like something i would say. hahahahha.

ok. back to work now. meeting tmrw morning.

i think i’m starting to like 2008.

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