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3rd feb

astro turf is a dream. suddenly i found my legs.not for long though.
a few clicks and i found a pain in the right leg that wouldn’t go away.
there is a bit of a bulge going on. probably fluid retention in the wounded area.
i continued playing. it was trials. what could i do. i was having fun.
just not that much fun not being able to fully extend my knee.
strapping on the knee guard tighter, the leg held on for another hour or so.
needless to say, i can’t walk properly now.
i had to muster all my energy to try NOT to limp when i entered the house today.

khim says i shd go get an mri. perhaps an op. it could be an ACL /  PCL tear. minor one i guess.
no pop was heard.

surprisingly, i’m not too bothered. i would have been if this had happened to me at the same time in 2007.

i guess life really has taken over.

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