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the cancer.

a conversation with a medical research doctor today regarding work stuff.
da doc: ” the peak age (i.e. bulk demographic of sufferers) of breast cancer patients in the US is 78 years old. did you know that the peak age of these patients in Singapore is 45? i mean…78…people are grandmothers…who cares!!! ok they do matter. but 45 year old women..they’re mothers. we’re losing mothers here and there.”

and she asked me how old my mum was. when i told her 50 years old, she said “there you go. people your age are losing their mothers to cancer. its a shocking statistic.”

45 years old. According to her, the peak age  in chinese cities like beijing and shanghai is even lower (i.e. 30 plus?).
and the COMMON in young, female,PROFESSIONALS i.e. you and me and most of us reading this blog. crazy eh.

i asked her why the disparity. she told me that i would get a Nobel Prize if i could answer that question. -__-“”

no one knows. (another surprising fact eh.)

pollution, the food we eat, the crap we breathe in, our lifestyles. all these cause the growth of cancerous cells in our system.

we joked and agreed that we should all become farmers and set up an agricultural farming consortium instead of sitting in the singapore bio-imaging consortium.

i love talking to this lady doc. i would love to pick her brain though. the last time we spoke, she was telling me about some research she was doing to determine the speed of the blood flow in our arteries. and her eyes fill with excitement every time she talks about her research. hopefully we really do get to work with her. the proposal is in the works and the machine is in da office.

i’m excited.  its meetings like these that remind me why i am doing what i’m doing.

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