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full o’ rugby goodness. system shock.

and so tonight we were expected to run 1.6km in 7 minutes. i came in at a spectacular 8 min 47 sec.i swear in pri school i did it in 15 minutes. wtf. so yes. 8:47 min. slow compared to the rest. upon completion i felt my lower abdominals cramp up ala menstrual cramps but together with the near barf syndrome. didnt’ even do the 10 x 50m high knee lifts + burst combi that the others did. the physio later offered me 100 plus because i was feeling light headed.yes. after that bloody run my blood sugar levels were damn low.

the grand aim for us to hit is ultimately 4km in 20 mins; 800m in 3:45min; 1.6km in 6 min; 2.4km in, i THINK, 10 min. thats the coaches’ aim for us by the end of this national season. actually not the end. i think they expect that from us in a month. when coach said run 4km in 20 mins, i was thinking “shen jing. that means i have to run faster than khim. wtf mate wtf.”

4 km in 20 mins AND not dying by the end of it. wurttttttttttttttttttt.
i think my lungs will be cup size G and bursting out of my chest by the end of April/May. sole purpose of sports bra will be to hold in spilling lungs. ok that’s gross.

i think i might really hit my goal of losing 5 possible 10kg of fat and converting all that to muscle.

perhaps tomorrow its time to hit that gym and all them leg presses to get the hammies in strength for the all out 1.6km sprint. imagine. if the forward pack (inc the front row) runs 1.6km in  6 min and aren’t dying by the end of it, i swear we’ll be a force to be reckoned with come june in kazakhstan.

just drank this really gross recovery / meal replacement drink called Myoplex. its DISGUSTING. but for the benefit of ze muskels and the onset of having to do 2.4km ALONE on sunday, i’ll drink it.its frikkin gross. i don’t understand why all them muscle mary gay boys drink it.  so now i’m eating tuna with ginger and soy. rather yummy. tuna is going to be my main source of protein from now on.

now i need to raise up my blood sugar levels and consume more iron cos i lack haemoglobin.

great. G R E A T. no more cake for the next 3 months. no more spicy food either lest my ass burns when i do the number 2.

hello to a ripped me.

AIM: to not be completely buggered by the end of training and be able to last a full game with mind still intact.

i’m so buggered its not funny. now have to do work.woopee.

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