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an alternative

about 2 weeks ago, a mate asked me what sport would i take up when i stop playing rugby.

i coudln’t think of a sport that could ever replace the adrenaline rush, the hard running, the energy, the broken bones, the fatigued muscles, bruises, concussions, dead legs/arms etc.

’tis strange. underwater hockey perhaps. ok. maybe mountain biking down a slope at breakneck speed might bring the adrenaline rush…AND the falls….now i just need money to buy the bike and space to store it.

i might just have to take the advise of the coach and learn how to knit.

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  1. berns.
    May 8, 2008 at 3:09 am

    each time, just as i’m about to say “i’ve had enough!”, a part of me misses it already. the tricky part lies in the vast sea of emotions involved because we’re playing with women, emotional women (myself included). if only that part could be simpler.

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