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i’m back from the hospital. Thank God the surgery went well. the fracture was only 2mm (very tiny) and doc just had to release the muscle then sew up the incision she made on the inside of my eyelid. there is some numbness in the cheek area near my nose as she had to operate near the nerve that comes out from the cheek bone. I will be monitoring my eyesight for the next 2 weeks before seeing her again. hopefully my vision gets back closer to normal by then. she said that a 14 year old boy she operated on took about 4 weeks to recover her vision. crossing fingers 4-6 weeks will be the max. otherwise, it is probably a muscle problem and she’ll have to refer me to an eye muscle specialist. I HOPE NOT!

my parents have been dropping hints to me to stop playing the sport. my dad’s company dr who was awesome in helping me select a surgeon said that her son plays rugby for ACJC and that we test our parents’ faith everytime we play. *help me*.

the past 2 weeks in and out of hospital have been pretty harrowing. glad its over. now its a long wait to recovery. 4 weeks before i find out if my vision is ok or if i need to see the eye muscle doc to get it repaired. definitely prayin its the former.

the ah ma in the bed next to mine was going for hip replacement surgery. spoke to her today whilst i was waiting to move to the discharge lounge. she’s a pretty cool lady. fluent in 2 dialects (canto, hokkien i think) and MALAY. i hope she got the op. she has been waiting since last monday. crazy shit. found out she’s a Christian. she was prayin in canto or mandarin. her son prayed for her last night before he left for home. over heard her whisperin a prayer twice this morning too. damn power lah. imagine reading the bible in MANDARIN.

ok that’s about it for the eye updates.

no exercise for about 1 month for me.

no rugby for sure. lol.

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  1. berns.
    May 29, 2008 at 2:25 am

    yes yes, pls stay of rugby for now…would be really cool if you came back after you’ve fully recovered and rested tho. of course the folks might not hear of it but we’ll see. the most impt thing is to get your vision back to how it was!! do you like your new companion? i found him/her cute.

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