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this song explains it all.

the title aside, today i was meant to study for my gmat. (fark its in two months and i still suck.)

but in a moment of inspiration and procrastination and utter exasperation with life in general i figured out the basic chords to this song. the guitar felt good. this is song of the moment.i think its cos its slow and easier to sing compared to other tanya chua compositions. didn’t realise that she was such a good lyricist. she is definitely quite an accomplished guitarist. i was back ‘in the zone’. doing that brought me back to a time when i was doing this on a regular basis i.e. when i had time in uni. now i can’t feel my left fingertips. after chording the song, i proceeded to squeeze some whiteheads, clear my laundry, remove the contacts, brush my teeth, think about studying for gmat, realise that i have yet to do the email blast,
aspire to rock at ashtanga (i believe i will be able to do a headstand in 2 weeks…ok against the wall maybe…),think about my future some more and get upset about how bleak it looks if i continue to stay here, i swear being a rockstar is all in my head yes everyone nod your heads NOW.
rah. i’m 27 and i sound like i’m 18. teenage angst breaking out late or quarter life crisis.maybe its both all at once. its 1am and its time for bed. more coolie work to do tomorrow. i love my wooden mechanical pencil. its been with me for about 5 years now and it still inspires me to draw.
someone please tell me why oh why am i studying for an MBA when i think i should be doing something else. the state my room personifies everything that is going on in my head right now. my ideal room will have many shelves, a high ceiling, completely white walls, a huge huge HUGE table, and a guitar. ok i don’t really need a bed. just a mat would do.with some pillows.and a blanket.is that so hard to ask for.

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