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tuesday thoughts.

i was reminded again today that the way to manage my money is in this order

1. People
2. Money
3. Things

2. and 3. are interchangeable. but 1. is an imperative.

in recent years i have learnt to be more generous, with my time..and my money. all this i have learnt from my friends i.e. people. waddaya know. people come first. always. i realised that i had been so caught up with rugby and myself the past 1.5 years that my friends hardly saw me. S agreed that she had seen me more in the past 3 months than she has in the past 2-3 years that i’ve been back in Singapore. maybe somewhere in all this lies the reason why i’m hesitant to going back to hardcore rugby training. 

another thing is consistency in friendship. this i might elaborate when i’m not half asleep.

swim at the pool was good today. 22 laps in all. woot.

perhaps another go tmrw evening if thighs are still feeling crappy. 
singaporeans have no sense of pool etiquette. there is no sense of traffic / direction in the lanes when they are swimming. today i found myself caught in a hit and run with two guys. awhile later, i found myself traversing diagonally across 2 lanes because everyone was swimming all over the place i sure as hell couldn’t swim underneath them to get out of their way. geez. 
more obstacles = more fun in the workout.

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