i’ve never written a eulogy. tomorrow i will be delivering one. today i was too scared. so we (i.e. the rest of the grandchildren) arrowed the youngest one of us to do it. hahahahhahahahha. so evil. she did a good job.

tomorrow i will have to do it since im’ the oldest grandchild. i just finished writing the eulogy. i don’t think its finished yet. it’s yet to be edited. I think i’ve lost my mastery of words the past few years. its hard to write. i can’t seem to express myself very well in words. maybe thats why i always feel stuck.in.the.rut.

oh well. 

i just hope i don’t break down in front of five hundred million thousand ppl tmrw evening.

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  1. E
    October 30, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Hey babe sorry i could not make it to the wake.

    I am sure you did a great job with the eulogy.


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