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3rd Test taken – GMAT Prep Test 1 (1st Attempt)

Past work done: Been concentrating on SC. Quant has been ignored for abt 4 weeks now. Really showed.

                                  Scaled Score                   Percentile

Quant                         32                                         34%

Verbal                       35                                          74%

Total          570  (arghh!!)  57%

*percentiles based on chart at http://www.mba.com


My score hasn’t improved since last weekend. Ok at least its still 570.

BUT my verbal score has improved and quant has deproved. *kill me*

Factors to consider whilst taking test this weekend:

  1. Haven’t touched Quant for awhile. Need to go through OG again. PS AND DS.
  2. Need to start by looking at the Formulae. Ihave to admit, I have been slacking off on learning the formulae. 
  3. Took Powerprep test last week. I reckon the powerprep tests are much easier.
  4.  Been looking back on Verbal. I like studying for verbal.

Can someone who is SHIT in maths get through an MBA course?

Right now I’m considering the ITEC Dip in Sports Massage as the next course of action. 


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