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GMAT prep

Didn’t do any studying today. 

Spent more time thinking about next course of action. 

I’ve been spending the past 6 weeks studying for the GMAT. 

BUT my score is still not where I want it to be.  And so I rescheduled my test for the 1st time because I am not feeling what I should be feeling 2 weeks from the purposed date. 

Let’s see how the GMAT journey has turned out. 

The Virgin Booking
2008: 5 August. I booked a test date for October 9. Had to resched because of work issues. BLEAH.

1st Resched
October 9 was postponed to March 26 2009.
The date choice was out of desperation when I realised that I did not have time to study for the GMAT and take it in October 2008.

2nd Resched
March 26 postponed to April 15: In February 2009, I realised that I had started my studying too late and did not have time to cover everything and get a decent score if I were to take the test in March. Work was getting crazy. Had too many things on my plate to think about the GMAT.

April 15 postponed to June 23 2009:
Been studying for the GMAT for 6 weeks now. Things are going pretty OK although I seem to be stagnating. Need to study smarter. It was 13 days before the test that I decided that I was not feeling comfortable enough to take the GMAT on 15 April. Went through much panic and anxiety. Acne broke out. Couldn’t sleep. Felt like I shouldn’t even be bothering about getting into business school. Spoke to some friends. One reminded me that I could resched. Spoke to a GMAT tutor. His advice was the same. 2 days later, I decided to resched. Giving myself a good buffer. Will be going for a minor day surgery in May. Hence the late June date. I feel more at peace now. I KNOW i have a good 10 weeks to study. This time I will FOCUS more and not do things in a rush…which I tend to do. Work and university have taught me that I need to be quick and good to get things done. However, the “quick” bit does not apply to studying for the GMAT. NOT with my current skillset anyway. -__-“”

Being from a design background, my maths is obviously not too fantastically good compared to all them other engineering, banking, IT types who sit for the GMAT or even think of doing the MBA. 

I wonder how many designers are there out there who plan to apply for an MBA but get shot down because of their inability to comprehend the maths skills required in the GMAT. 

Perhaps the GMAT is the first barrier to entry to an MBA. Whoever studies and takes the GMAT must really want to get into business school. For me, I’ve booked my test. So no matter how many thoughts of wanting to give up / alternative post-grad education options I have, I WILL TAKE THE TEST….and I’d better ace it if  I’m taking it. 

This perfectionist tendency is getting the better of me. I never thought I was the perfectinist kind until I went to university. It was then that I realised that I never really did too well in school because I would never do something that I knew that I was going to absolutely suck at. It’s different this time. I’m going to push myself further. My maths is crap. At least Verbal is more of a saving grace. 

10 more weeks. 10 more weeks and I will be done.  

A retake is NOT an option. 

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