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Day 6 Post Op.

This time last week I was watching TV in Ward 76, Room 12, Bed 1.

My leg was in a mofo mega huge ass brace and I had to press a little red button to get the nurse’ attention because I needed to pee into a bed pan. They didn’t allow me to go to the toilet because they felt that I couldn’t use the crutches. In my mind I did know how to use them but honestly, at 1am, Thank God for the bed pan.

So now here I am 6 days later, at home, blogging an utterly inane entry on how I’m sitting on my bed, a past time that I’ve discovered since I was discharged last Friday, in the dark, thinking that I should go to sleep. BUT NO. I’m blogging because I suddenly felt compelled to. That last paragraph just flouted ALL the grammatical rules in GMAT English but I don’t care because I’m not taking the GMAT anymore.

My brother’s super old ibook G4 is moving so slowly I feel as if my fingers are moving so fast across the keyboard that Apple technology cannot keep up with me.

So anyway Day 6 post surgery. What have I done? Eat, sleep, rehab, ice knee, rehab, ice more, ask dad for more ice, have lunch, rehab again, start to nap when rehab pain makes me lightheaded, snack on whatever crumbs I can find on the kitchen counter, ice the knee again, rehab some more. That’s about it. Very. Exciting. Oh. Forgot to include the TV watching. Its amazing what shows are on cable. Over the past few days, I’ve watched a programme on bears in the wild, Man Vs Wild (feat Will Ferrell), a korean drama episode, Taiwanese drama episode, martha stewart, taiwanese entertainment news, taiwanese celebs with really thick lips and no adams apple, an ah neh movie with hrithik roshan, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, some chinese film, replied office emails, had a teleconference, and yea. my ass hurts from sitting for too long. my leg hurts from the tight muscles. i’m distracted most of the time from all this discomfort.




And I will be able to swim again in another 10 days!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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