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Killer chest / core / arm circuit

Taken courtesy of http://www.turbulencetraining.blogspot.com/

Excellent full body workout. Very tough. But totally worth it.

Try to do this 2-3 times i.e. Circuit 1&2 —- rest —–Circuit 1&2 again etc

Technique is key.

Spiderman pushup is damn hard but after a few days, should be able to do.

Circuit 1
Mountain Climb 10 reps per side
Side Plank 10 – 30 sec per side
Spiderman Pushup 6 reps per side

—————– 1 min break ——————-

Circuit 2
Spiderman Climb 6 reps per side
Side plank 15 – 45 sec per side
Cross body mountain climbers 8 reps per side

Remember to suck in the lower abs, keep the back straight. Don’t sink.

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