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Day 45 Post Op

Extension -2

Flexion 123 – 127 (depending on the day).

Brisk walk is good. Can’t walk down high steps e.g. escalator steps. Upstairs still ok. CANNOT run. Elliptical is ON.

Piling more weight onto the stacks for single leg press. Starting to see definition in right vastus medialis. Right gluteus maximus is totally bigger than the left.

Note to self: work more on left glutes and right quads.

Gotta keep icing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s about halfway through my 7th week post op.

Rehab is proving to be a challenge. Not in the sense of hard but it’s a challenge trying to fit in the time to do everything that I want to…factoring in days to rest the muscles. Each session usually lasts 2 hours. Proprioception and resistance and ambulation exercises. It all takes WAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too long. Gotta sit down, think, and come up with a less insane workout schedule.

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