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Legs Workout for Bernininininini.

10 mins warmup
I usually do the bike.
low resistance level 5. at 2 mins going up slowly to level 8. peaking at level 11 for like 30 seconds then go back down to level 8. i know i’m damn lazy. its just to get the muscles warmed up.

Proprioception –
1 min Side Steps x 4 sets.
i.e. both feet together hopping side to side or diagonally. Free flow lah. Always in crouching position. Feel quads and glutes burn. heart rate will be up. Rest 1 min.

Walking lunge – distance approx 10m to and fro. Do after each set of Side Step.

Wobbleboard – Single Leg balance. Don’t lock knee. Hold 30 seconds x 4. If no wobbleboard, stand on Bosu Ball.

Mini Squat on wobbleboard/ bosu – 20 reps x 3. You want more challenging then do DB shoulder press together with the squats.

At this point you should be panting and sweating buckets. All in all about 20 mins to complete if disciplined.
If no time, this workout can be done without doing the following resistance training. Or just do with arms. Or can do pre-cardio. For cardio I would suggest 20 mins of inverse Tabatas.

Resistance Training


SL – Single Leg
SW – Swiss Ball
LR – Leg Raise
DB – Dumb Bell

SL Leg Press – 3 sets x 20 – 25. Usually the last 5-10 reps I will go slow i.e. hold for 5 seconds then back to position.

Squats (Toes pointing forward) w DB shoulder press (2-3kg weight) – 3 sets x 15 – 20

Sumo Squats (Toes pointing out at 45 degrees) – 3 sets x 20 – 25

SL SW Lunge – 3 x 15

Hip Adduction – 3 x 20 (Try about 45kg first. If too light, then up the weight. You should feel the burn after the first set. slow down for the last 5 reps of each set.)

Hip Abduction – 3 x 20

SW Hamstring bridge – 3 x 20

Stiffleg Deadlift -3 x 15kg (I usually go about 10 – 25kg bars. Alternatively 5kg dumbbells also can. Go light first and train your posture. If your back hurts at the moment, then don’t do this. Train your core FIRST by doing Supermans, Leg Raises, Bridge with Swiss Ball, Plank, Side Plank.)

If done with optimum efficiency, you should be done with the weights in 35 – 45 mins.

IF your legs are killing you by now, hop onto the bike for 20 mins low to med resistance to ease out lactic acid buildup.


Plank – 60 sec each side and face down

Hanging Leg Raise – 3 x 20 – Lean back into the equipment, pull shoulders back to work the lower abs. Keep your posture.

Side Bend – 3 x 15 each side – Essentially holding 5-10kg weights and bending side to side. Work obliques. Make sure posture is good.


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