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Post Op Day I’ve Lost Count So It’s Week 8

2 months on from op.

knee is doing fine. mighty major atrophy but strength getting back to normal. well its still not normal. having a bit of problem walking down steeper steps e.g. escalators but getting there. eccentric strength still needs to be built up. found reverse lunges very effective. leaning forward to activate quads followed up slowly moving weight to back leg to train the glutes of front leg and quads of back leg. basically moving body one full circle.

reverse lunges with starting position on wobbleboard even more effective but i cannot balance so whatever dun care. maybe tonight try with bosu ball round side up.  hello wobble legs.

sleep is really important i realised. every time i have a major legs rehab session, i will need to sleep many many hours. last Friday i passed out for 12 hours. went to bed early than a workday and woke up the following day at 12 noon.

on another note. i have to get my arse down to IDP. very soon. i hope the quota is not filled. argh.

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