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Post Op Rehab Week 14!!!!!

Last week:
SL Leg Press 40kg – 8 reps x 3.
DL Leg Press 60kg – 20 reps x 2

This week progress to:
SL Leg Press 30kg – 20 reps x 2 – First 15 count 1-2-1, Last 5 count 1-5-1 (warm up)
In between 20 reverse lunges each leg.

DL Leg Press
70kg – 8 reps x 1
110kg – 8 reps x 1
150kg – 8 reps x 1 (BOOYAH!!!!! after that chuigolongong and cannot think)

Cable deadlift – 16kg each hand 15 x 3 Last 5 reps hold 1-5-1 (after that my left hand want to drop off)

Cardio (600 Cals)
30 mins Hill Intervals on Cybex
20 mins Treadmill varying incline Mostly walking with slight jog for 1 min. (incline 3.0, speed 7.5) – YES!!!! Physio shouldn’t find out. Jogging is a little premature. When I told him I tried jogging, I kena scolding.  Side hops can be done.
Maybe can try more skipping rope now that hopping is better.

Need to add in more proprioception and ambulation drills!!!


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