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kanasai nutrition is really important.

yesterday my diet was as follows

3 – 4 litres spread out throughout the day. but i usually drink 1 litre before i leave the house for work.

bfast was a mug of milk

when i reached the office i had some lentil stew which i had made late last week. not much but good enough to fill me up for awhile. lunch was some fish soup. pathetic shit. never again will i have fish soup at a school canteen.

so anyway, that was pretty much my intake for the day. had some biscuits before heading to the gym.

needless to say, i crashed during the session with the sarge. low energy cos of POOR PRE-WORKOUT NUTRITION.

reading up, i’ve realised that protein should play a huge factor in every meal. yesterday i only had 2 out of the usual 5-6 meals that i have. didn’t have the emergency trail mix solution that i usually keep in the office. needless to say, a crash during my workout was inevitable. i should really have a stash of ON Oats & Whey powder somewhere in my bag just in case I have no time or nothing to eat.

on another note, one of the guys who frequents the gym pretty regularly commented that he’s noticed a huge difference in my body since i started training at the gym a few months ago. woot woot.  and i thought i was feeling bloated and fat. heehee. i guess putting on 3kg of muscle equates to looking like losing 6 kg of fat. bahahahahah. looks can be deceiving. my body fat % is still very high.

focus until 20 feb is rehabilitation and regaining of full function (i.e. able to sprint jump hop).

after that, 2010 will be all about body building and fat loss.

ho seh.

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