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post op week 18

strength test today at ssc on the biodex machine.

involved i.e. op-ed leg is at a 30% deficit of good leg (i.e. un-involved) for power.

for endurance, op-ed leg is 19% of good leg.


this is so frustrating. all those hours in the gym and still a 30% deficit. i need to get to a less than 20% deficit before i’m cleared to start running.

this is week 18.

i have 6 more weeks to being at 6 months post op.

on a more positive note, my balance is steady bom pi pi.

hello more single leg presses, single leg squats, bulgarian split squats, lunges and step ups. stopped these for awhile and did more double leg stuff not realising how much deficit there was until today.


today i mourn for my right leg.

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