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finally had some time to cook. :D

i have decided that i will cook if i get home before 7pm in the evening. any time past that and it will be too late to eat. got home around 6.40pm this evening and decided to break open the packet rump that had been chilling in the fridge since saturday morn.

and so tonight i popped the frying pan’s cherry. it was the first time i cooked ever since arriving in brisbane 2.5 weeks ago.

dinner was rump seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and chilli flakes seared to medium rare perfection. (trust me it was a fluke).
veggies were blanched string beans, boiled pumpkin and iron-rich spinach. no more light-headed spells for me brudda!!!!!

just had a Red Delicious apple. now gonna get down and dirty with the integukahsfaskltary system aka the skin. kns lah. all these medical terms are driving me crazy.

at least that cow whose ass i ate died a good death. i’m happy tonight.

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