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Uni week 2 mid-week

and so i haven’t had much time to update this blog. there has been so many things to do i don’t even know where to begin.

school has gone by in a flash. all of us in class feel that we’ve started school for longer than the 1.5 weeks that semester has started. the syllabus is pretty crazy. anatomy prac last week was a nightmare. we went into a sterile gross anatomy lab, sat at stainless steel tables in our lab coats and safety goggles and stared blankly at each other when our lecturers and tutors said “ok you can start now”. thing is, we didn’t have ANYTHING on us. no paper, no pen, no prac manual, no lecture notes etc. i kinda felt like we were sheep being led to the slaughter pen.

so yes. the whole bunch of us are struggling and crawling around in the dark trying to get our brains and our whole beings around the subject called anatomy. its pretty damn interesting until you get to the part where all the medical terms start to sound the same. osteon, osteoblasts, chondroclasts, haversian canals, volkmann canals. i’m sure xinning you know what i’m talking about! as confusing as it sounds, i kinda love anatomy. damn interesting lah!

yesterday we got to see a plastinated old man and his insides. my mauritian classmate got a little shock when our lecturer took the heart out of its cavity. what the cavity is called don’t ask me. i haven’t gotten that far into the textbook yet. we work with real bones and examine them in great detail. in prac last week, i was comparing a shorter femur (thigh bone) to a longer femur and we were trying to figure out if it was the bones of a little person in the box that we took the bones out from. i think my classmate was kinda grossed out when i said “oh i think this is a child’s bone” very matter-of-factly.

you see, each body part, cadaver, etc are tagged with serial numbers. the numbers link each part to a person who has donated their body to education. every year, the university organises a thanksgiving service and this time it is in May..i THINK. all of us have to attend the service at least once in the 4 years that we are in school. this is to meet the family of the donors and show them our appreciation. in class, we are taught not to make fun of the body parts and to treat everything with respect.

classes start very early. 8am. i think health science students are usually the earliest on campus. at 8am, we are drilled with anatomy and physiotherapy process. i think the school is training us to start our days early. i wake at 6am these days. i think it’s because the sun shines directly onto my face.  by 7.15am, i’m usually on the way to campus be it by bus or bicycle. even on weekends, i am usually up by 7am.  i would be utterly knocked out by 12 midnight and i really don’t need to force myself to sleep.

got a couple of friends in class now. the international students kinda hang out together with some aussies here and there. korean, vietnamese, singaporean, mauritian. i don’t know what else. the first year population consists of 150 of us but we know that this number will dwindle to about 100 by the time we graduate. the attrition rate is THAT high. not only are exams an important part of our course, consistent study is too. pretty much all my free time is spent studying. ok i’m blogging now but i think i’ll only have time to do it once a week.

biology is pretty crazy but i think my mind is more stuck on anatomy and figuring out everything to do with it. God did a pretty damn neat job of creating the human body i must say. everything has a function. nothing left out.

i haven’t had time to head to the gym but i think the laziness to cook and sandwich packing everyday has caused my belt to loosen a little.

brisbane is a pretty awesome city. its super romantic with the river and all. i cycle home along the bike path everyday. sometimes against the wind. ok. most times. its been pretty clear skies the past 2 days and i hope it stays this way despite me being a huge bucket of perspiration by the time i get to school in the mornings. i’m either damp from the rain and perspiration or damp from perspiration. i can’t get out of it. cycling is so addictive. it helps me zone out after a long day at school. the wind in my face and the view of the river calms me at the end of each day.

ok its getting dark now. better be on my way to cycle home. beef steak here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot woot!!!!! after that i think it will be more anatomy. gotta catch up on tutes!

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