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7 weeks in

seven weeks in.
three mid sem exams.
two assignments.
one more mid sem exam to go.
taking a little break this week…ok fine. its been a long time since i touched the books so i’m going to do so after this post.

its been about a month since the last post and this one has got to be short.
physio has been everything that i’ve been expecting and more.
its blowing my mind how much information we need to cram into our little brains every single day.
the gym was not happening until yesterday. each time i go is always as intense as it used to be. maybe a little toned down.
i went yesterday and pushed it hard. i’m hurting today. don’t know how i am going to cycle to uni tomorrow.
its amazing what 4 weeks of no cycling does. my tummy is nearly as bloated as a starving child.
time to cut down on all those refined carbs and start the cut fat build muscle programme i was on last year.
i miss the intensity of working out but i don’t think i will be able to go as full on as i was when i was still working.
still need the energy to study at night. i think i’ve been averaging about 5-6 hours a night. its allright though.
TGFC. Thank God For Coffee.

on another note, the one week break was the most awesome one week i’ve ever had in the past few years.
i don’t think i have ever been as happy as i was during that week of holidays.
hmm…maybe it was because 1.canberra had great weather. 2.no need to worry about work.now just mug for exams.

its crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i hang out with 17 year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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