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so little time so many things to do.

ok school is driving me mad.

just when i think i’m getting into a schedule of revision, another assignment comes up and throws me off track.

now i have one full section of anatomy that i have yet to do, muscles and their attachments to remember, more anatomy to revise, oh. and CHEMISTRY. KILL ME. thats what’s taking up all my time these days. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY and its concepts. omgomgomg. one topic per lecture. 5 lectures a week. what’s covered in one lecture equates to what took the JC kids 4 weeks to learn. how. and they assumed no prior knowledge required. what a load of bull.

nevertheless…psychology is lame and should never be inflicted onto physiotherapy students. in fact, it is a curse cast upon ALL students of health science.
went for psych lecture today and fell asleep for 15 minutes. deep REM sleep. mouth open and all. so unglam. woke up to a numbed out right leg.

ok more study to do.

on the bright side, i like what im doing…sans psychology. maybe i should become the one-man protester to abolish psychology from all health science courses.

oh. and the healthy eating clean living lifestyle has begun. yay. shall aim to run for 45 minutes tmrw. if not..its gonna be full on hill climbs on the treadmill.

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