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2.5 more weeks

the semester is nearly ending.

it has been surreal. here i am with three and a half weeks left of the semester feeling so over it.

last night i bought a 10 dollar bucket chair from officeworks. its bright yellow and has very good lumbar support compared to the mofo mega office chair that i’ve been sitting on since the beginning of the semester. scapular and shoulder support not there but i don’t think i’ll need it anyway.  the office chair is too big for me and so its gonna go come next semester. bye bye roller chair.

overnight the house has been converted into a pre-warzone. my room already looks like one. piles of clothes on the bed. yoga mat on floor just so that i have a clean surface to put other stuff. massive table that has saved my life. why i didn’t buy it from the start beats me. the ikea table is now a side table for textbooks…mainly anatomy and biology…but mostly anatomy. skeleton in the corner of the room. sometimes i scare myself. i think i’ll call him bob. the bed is never really made. when it is, my room looks very neat. just that section anyway.

last night i hit a wall with study. staring at the computer screen for 2 hours didn’t help. found myself alternating between checking facebook and email every ten minutes. between 9 to 11pm. then i decided that my eyelids were on the table..so i went to sleep. woke up  at 3.30am to the sound of the rain pelting onto the roof. boy was it chilly. ok then i went back to bed and woke up at 8am. alarm rang at 6am and i couldn’t be arsed to wake up.

i think i need a good 8 hour sleep at the end of every week. feels like physio school trains us to be super men and women. early starts and late ends to our days. FULL days but engaging nonetheless.

i still remember being so eager for the semester to start. maybe because i was completely over dealing with people at work and not engaging my brains. now my brains feel like they’re full. but i don’t think i’m even halfway there. exams are in 2 weeks and i can’t wait for them to be over.

the intensity is going to step up. school has been intense but its crunch time.

i need to be prepared. I HAVE TO PASS!

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