i jumped out of bed at 7am this morning thinking that i was late for an exam. i remember sitting in this crazy taxi that could only fit one person. it was like a little yellow space shuttle…like a luge kind of capsule where the passenger fit in the space behind. and the passenger had to be in a reclining position. damn funky. flagfall was AUD 20.45 but i didn’t give a shit because i was late for my exam. payment was only through the Go! card [kinda like the Ezylink card (singapore) or the Octopus card (HK)]. when i inserted my card to pay…because it was a pre-paid trip….i realised that i had NO CREDIT on the card! ok so that’s when i panicked and jolted out of bed…my alarm had sounded.

i felt so un-rested after that i continued to sleep for another hour and twenty minutes before getting up to do some housework.
and so here i am 1.5 hours later…hung up one load of laundry, vacuumed and mopped my room (the rest of the apartment continues when the housemate wakes up), and a load of laundry is still in the wash –> teatowels, floormats and shit.

*oh man. peanut butter and sliced banana on rye bread tastes amazing*

its 2 and a half weeks to my first paper.

i think i’m stressed. i don’t think i’ve ever had a nightmare about missing an exam before. touch rugby yesterday was awesome. i wore my pair of Skins to play and never felt better. ok i’m really convinced now that everyone who runs in the cold esp those with joint issues should own a pair. its an investment. i think i need to make it a point to exercise everyday…just to get the blood pumping and to destress. gym work has been pretty stagnant. gotta get back to it!!!! hello forced breaks.

last night i bought 24 dollars worth of instant noodles. yummy yummy.

i told J-A that my hair will be falling out at the end of 4 weeks.

ok i think i should head to the supermarket to get some laundry powder and more meat to prep my venture into hibernation.

this is my last weekend before plunging full on into study. needless to say….revision aka “catch-up” started ages ago when i had a panic attack.

7 exams in 2 weeks.

here it comes. :S

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