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1 week to the end of the 1st semester

what have i learnt so far apart from the fact that i’m pretty shit at biology and that i love going into the gross anatomy lab to study body parts on cold metal tables whilst wearing a lab coat and horrid headache inducing safety glasses? (someone should really redesign those things for better ergonomics considering exposure to formalin. ok maybe i’ll do that. next time.

here’s the list.

  1. facebook chat is the way the new generation communicates. gone with msn. everyone’s on facebook. classmates and i discuss things on fb chat…well..msn too. discussions are usually left till evening once everyone gets home because we are way too knocked out after a full day at school. school starts at 8am on most days so that requires us to wake up around 6am. some earlier depending on where we live.
  2. the human body is really pretty damn amazing. every little part of it is accounted for. alternate bloodflow routes, the specific action of a muscle, why a bone that seems so useless still exists..everything. if one thing goes wrong…even a minor mistake..pathology happens.
  3. i’ve built up my stamina for studying. but all nighters are pretty much a no-go. the brain has to be at 100% to study. there’s no auto-pilot to studying. i’ve found myself with my head on my notes and also falling asleep with all the lights on only to wake up the next morning at 3am to realise it. that was epic.
  4. sleeping past 6 hours without waking up is difficult now. i wake before the alarm rings and force myself to go back to bed…this happens when i don’t want to face the day.
  5. fitting in with 18-19 year olds ain’t to hard either. ok. some of them think i’m less mature than them. maybe its just people born in ’81.
  6. i miss drawing.
  7. i miss my grandparents.
  8. i miss my friends.

ahhhhh………soon i will see them! woot!

ok now study.

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