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no time to lag.

no time for negativity. especially when we are all having a hard time.

the mind is always moving. what to do next. how to do it. what is the most efficient way. remember remember. memorise memorise. understand understand (that is the hard part).its school, do, eat, break 10 minutes, do, feel nauseous, do, continue doing, reading, trying, remembering, understanding, break. 15 minutes. try hard not to go on facebook.  limit social life to physically being around people. try to hang out but fall asleep on friend’s couch. home. fish for more information. force mind to chug along. vision blurs. lag in cortex. midnight. want to sleep but gotta push on.

today our lecturer told us that we have 18 more months to the end of our 3rd year. put in her perspective, that isn’t too long a time. by then, hopefully, i wouldn’t be struggling and i would have found what i’ve been looking for.

but right now, at this present moment, i’m fighting to keep afloat.

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