and so i think i survived. results out in 2 weeks. lecturer said overall we did pretty well. 40% worth. i hope i get more than a pass. oh well.

the week for me ended at 10am on tuesday morning. that’s when the exam was over.

hardly anyone went for lecture.

we were at the pub for most of it after lecture ended early.

some didn’t turn up for the tutes after.

i did. slightly drunk. made sure not to talk in class.

6 weeks in and school has been running non-stop like a roller coaster at top speed with no brakes.


steady bom pi.

Categories: physio, The Future
  1. moi
    October 12, 2010 at 12:56 am

    it’s lidat wan what. what we expected 😦
    i like the material…. loved cardio, respiratory… but hate renal!! ARGGGH.
    and hor, hate my PBL…. farking asshole bunch

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