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2011 recap

ok not quite there yet but exams are nearly over.
every exam i learn something new.
not only knowledge but also something new about myself.

  1. beyond the point of stress, I want to sleep. Denial. Acceptance maybe.
  2. i really don’t like physiology. but despite the negative attitude towards it, i still study really hard for the paper.
  3. at 30yo, i can still wake up at 6am to study, surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep. of course, the parasympathetic system will go into overdrive once exams end.
  4. i surprise myself with my perseverence. now.

i’m not playing up my ego here. but its more about me not realising how far i could go push myself…physically, mentally, emotionally.

i thought 8 exams last year was bad. then there was the 4 exams last semester with the one killer paper that nearly annihilated 25% of the cohort.

and now we’ve come to this. one exam away from the halfway mark of this 4 year journey i signed up for.

ok. brush teeth. study. wednesday here i come.

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