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CF day – i have stopped counting.

and so the KB metcon today killed my back. esp the single KB swings (despite scaling down to a 12kg KB). at the start of round 4, the back started to seize up..first a little with the goblet squats, exacerbated by the KB swings. was kinda pissed off cos I was keeping good pace with the dude next to me. wasn’t too tired. stopped cos of the pain and not cos i was running out of breath.

Post-WOD, coach tells me that the back issue was partly due to the 1RM deadlifts the night before when my back was rounded as I pulled. I needed to build up the ab and back control. Well so that was about training in particular. Also learnt how to release the poas which made my back feel amazing pretty much immediately. Gotta release the glutes and rec fem now.

Then he went on to say that I need to prevent running into the danger of progressing too quickly +/- overtraining which meant that the trainers will have to keep me in check. But the issue was more with progressing too quickly. oh well.

Not too sure if its a good or bad problem.

whatever it is, i’m enjoying every moment of it and feel more alive than I have in the past 5 years.

(all this being topped off by meeting F :D)

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