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Been starting from hang position for the past couple of weeks. 
Lifts are getting good speed in both the Snatch and C+J…once I’ve warmed up though. 

EMOTM lifting wod at Olift 
10 rounds each. 
Snatches first then C+Js. 
Aim: to find a good heavy weight that you can lift 10 times and hit it with 100% accuracy. 

5 oct:

Snatch – 32.5kg / 80% -> missed 2 – reason: thinking too much. too rushed. always a little scared of the snatch. must take time to set and focus the next time.

C+J – 35kg / 100% –> tightened glutes and hammies, pulled knees back. didn’t think too much. took my time to set. 1 minute is a long time as long as you are not rushing. speed was good on the lift. 

usually its the simple things that cause a lift to go bad: 

  1. Thinking too much when at the bar. -> must tune out. once you are in front of the bar. that’s it. all thoughts about technique should be out of the window. focus. brace. set. lift. 
  2. Rushing – yes. me. 
  3. Not aggressive enough – me. 
  4. Back is not tight through the lift – yessss me. 
    M says that there is a tendency for people to be tight at the start of the lift but no maintenance through the lift. 
  5. Shoulders not over the bar – yes meee. 
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