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Day 7 – in retrospect.

June 8, 2015 Leave a comment

rest day. picked up laptop from the doctors. all good now. hurray for applecare.

was good at eat street. 5 little meat skewers and some salad. pretty good.

fell to 80g cashews + 12 squares of dark chocolate. 

food prepped – squid and pork. this week is going to be gooooood.

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Day 6 – The first weekend. Long weekend as well.

June 6, 2015 Leave a comment

The past week has been so hard. Work was shit. I will NOT do 9-10 hour days anymore.

DIet was 90% on point:
BF – Oats + black coffee
AM Tea – 4 rice cakes + CC
Lunch / Pre-training: (the lapse) 3 packets of biscuits + 1 bite size cheese thingy at the hospital.
Pre-training: Protein shake + Yog + Oats bar
Post-training: 1x Mandarin (not sure if this was a good idea but I needed something)
Dinner: Salmon + 2-3C cabbage/brocc stirfry + 1.5C gluten free wholemeal pasta

Trained yesterday and today. Told Miles I wanted a new programme. I want to start training again. I want to compete in the league round in August. The goal is to compete as a 69kg lifter. It will be a nice end to the year in Australia.

Tomorrow I attend Sammy Tone’s bday thingamajig at Eat Street. Hello Salad + Protein.

Monday will be ramen with some of the Cougars girls. Aim will be half ramen and more meat  / extra egg. Need to keep the calories from carbs lower. Then training post-ramen. Should be good.

7 more weeks to awesomeness.

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Day 5

June 5, 2015 Leave a comment

Diet 95% on point.


Managed full snatches + CJs. Full BS as well.

Told coach that i want to train again. CANNOT WAIT!

Oh and I got toes to bar!!!

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Day 1

June 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Yes.Done. On point today. 10 hour day at work. Must be the super thick Kopi-O-Kosong I had for breakfast.

Rehab programme – Week 1 Day 4. Check.

Nutrition – Check.

Bring on Day 2.

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