Shoulders to ears

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In both Snatch and C+J
=> Need to make the conscious effort to shrug UP and not back.

Meaning at the end of the 2nd pull (Sh shrug) -> don’t pull the shoulders back. Bring shoulders up to the ears in a vertical line. 
That way the bar won’t be flung forward as I go under the bar. 

*Can practice Hang pulls w broomstick I guess.*


Getting better at pushing knees outwards and back to tension the hammies during the 2nd pull. 

And have to keep remembering to keep the back tight and belly full of air. 

omg so many things. 

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OLIFT 22 Oct – Clean and Jerks.

October 22, 2012 1 comment

Notes to self


1st pull – Sh over bar, pull slow, knees out, knees back (should feel hammies tighten). TIGHT BACK. 
2nd pull – Knees out and back, push bar against body, TIGHT BACK, “kill the trolls in the pits” i.e. activate lats to lock bar close to body. SHRUG UP. Open hips.
Catch the bounce on the clean to stand up. 



Really should learn not to do wods and olift back to back. stoopid. 

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pyrros dimas 1995 snatch

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Watch and learn:
Shoulders Over Bar
Knees back
Tap and go
Be aggressive

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Been starting from hang position for the past couple of weeks. 
Lifts are getting good speed in both the Snatch and C+J…once I’ve warmed up though. 

EMOTM lifting wod at Olift 
10 rounds each. 
Snatches first then C+Js. 
Aim: to find a good heavy weight that you can lift 10 times and hit it with 100% accuracy. 

5 oct:

Snatch – 32.5kg / 80% -> missed 2 – reason: thinking too much. too rushed. always a little scared of the snatch. must take time to set and focus the next time.

C+J – 35kg / 100% –> tightened glutes and hammies, pulled knees back. didn’t think too much. took my time to set. 1 minute is a long time as long as you are not rushing. speed was good on the lift. 

usually its the simple things that cause a lift to go bad: 

  1. Thinking too much when at the bar. -> must tune out. once you are in front of the bar. that’s it. all thoughts about technique should be out of the window. focus. brace. set. lift. 
  2. Rushing – yes. me. 
  3. Not aggressive enough – me. 
  4. Back is not tight through the lift – yessss me. 
    M says that there is a tendency for people to be tight at the start of the lift but no maintenance through the lift. 
  5. Shoulders not over the bar – yes meee. 
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Olift – Snatch

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TIGHT BACK, BELLY FULL OF AIR, Look up, chest up, Pretension grip on bar. 

Bar below knees – pull knees back. weight on heels through 1st pull into hang posn. 

Bar above knees – pull bar back. 

Tap and go. 

During pull, roll weight from heels onto toes -> when on toes, should be at full hip extension.

(i think thats how it works. we’ll see in the coming weeks.) 

BE AGGRESSIVE. every lift must be 100%. regardless of weight. 


For now: Kels says start from Hang position. – omg that made so much difference to my movement tonight. woot. 

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More today.

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Clean – elbows must be quick under the back. keep bar close to body.

Snatch – first pull ok (hope it stays ok). 2nd pull keep bar close to body (think “slide along thigh, shoulders over bar) until hit the hips then tap and go. right now opening up too early. shoulders should open up last. foot placement into squat today was better. not so wide. 

drill: high hang snatch – hang snatch – snatch

C+J – keep eyes up and chest up at jerk. back leg bent. 

GHD situps – rapid knee extension into situp. back MUST be neutral at all times. engage core. 

GHD back exts – back in neutral. core engaged. pure hip F+E (w glute squeeze coming into E). 

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front squats

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Front squats – goal: to rain abdominal strength. PB today. 72.5kg x 3RM.

tips: look ahead/up. brace abdominals. neutral spine. squat deep. lean back. push through heels. don’t bail before leaning back to regain balance.

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